Engineer (2x): Application of Ion Beams for Engineering Spintronic Materials

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Location : Palaiseau, France

Yearly income : 30-40 k€ gross salary depending on experience


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Description of the offer :

SPIN-ION technologies (www.spin-ion.com), a spin-off company from the University of Paris-Saclay/CNRS, provides a full suite of ion beam processes and equipment to tailor the structural and magnetic properties of thin magnetic films at the atomic level and improve their performance for applications such as Magnetic Random Access Memories (MRAM). In order to sustain its R&D roadmap development toward the commercialization of its solutions on the MRAM market, Spin-Ion Technologies offers 2 permanent engineer positions:

1) Process engineer in materials science

2) Product development engineer

Suitable for engineers with significant experience (5-7 years) or PhDs with a post-doctoral experience (2-5 years).

More information in the attached PDF (See details).

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