PhD: Magnetism and superconductivity in extreme conditions

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Location : Toulouse, France

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The PhD thesis proposed at LNCMI Toulouse consists in an experimental study of heavy-fermion superconductors (see our recent discovery of magnetic-field-induced superconductivity in UTe2). Magnetoresistivity and magnetization experiments will be performed in several state-ofthe-art combinations of the most extreme conditions: in fields up to 100 T (1.5 K, ambient
pressure), in pressures up to 4 GPa (400 mK, 60 T), and temperatures down to 100 mK (60 T, ambient pressure).

Complementarily, neutron scattering experiments in fields up to 40 T (experiments done at the European neutron source ILL in Grenoble with a specially designed LNCMI pulsed magnet) will be performed to determine the high-field magnetic structure of selected materials. This work will be done within strong collaboration with the CEA-Grenoble and the University of Tokoku in Japan, where missions will be planed.

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