Postdoc: Magneto-electric fluctuations [Hidden, Entangled and Resonating Orders ERC collaboration]

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Location : Lausanne, Switzerland

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The HERO project combined theoretical efforts by Prof. Spaldin (ETHZ) and Prof. Balatsky (Nordita) with experimental studies by Prof. Aeppli (PSI) and Prof. Ronnow (EPFL). We target phenomena involving coupled and novel order parameters from multi-ferroics and electromagnons to out of equilibrium driven quantum states.

Your mission: You will be part of an ambitious research program transforming theoretical predictions to executable experiments. Initial focus will be on polarized neutron spectroscopy to search for off-diagonal magneto-electric fluctuations. You will participate to first experiments using a wide-angle polarizer on the CAMEA instrument at PSI. In the second phase, you will contribute to out-of-equilibrium free electron laser studies of coupled magneto-electric fluctuations.

Main duties and responsibilities include: You will perform, analyse and publish neutron scattering experiments. You will participate in commissioning of the wideangle polarizer on CAMEA. You will perform complementary in-house low-temperature experiments. You will liaise with theory postdocs on translating ab initio predictions into scattering cross-section predictions. You will perform model simulations to complement the data-analysis and interpretation. You will contribute to planning and execution of out-ofequilibrium studies on driven quantum states.

Your profile: The successful candidate holds a PhD in experimental physics and has experience in neutron or X-ray spectroscopy. Experience with polarized neutrons and/or time-resolved X-ray experiments is desirable, but not a pre-requisite. Experience with advanced data-analysis and simulations is also desirable. You have good English and communication skills, and enjoy working in a team-oriented interdisciplinary environment.

We offer: As LQM postdoc you will have access to:
- State-of-the-art facilities including neutron, X-ray, transport, magnetic measurements, crystal growth facilities
- Enriching career promoting environment.
- Innovative and dynamic atmosphere
- Competitive salary

Start date: Flexible, depending on candidate Work rate: 100%
Duration: 2 year, renewable

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