PhD: Hilbert Space Engineering of Nuclear Spin Qudits [single-molecule magnets]

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Location : Strasbourg, France

Yearly income : 2800 euros/month with extra allowances for mobility


File : See details

Description of the offer :

We offer a 4-year PhD position at IPCMS (http://www.ipcms.unistra.fr/) in Strasbourg. The PhD candidate will be part of the EUCOR program under the QUSTEC project: https://www.eucor-uni.org/qustec/ The conditions are those of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship. The applicants must not have carried out their main activities in France for more than one year before the call deadline. The topic lies in the domain of quantum computing (see attached file) and can be found in section 3 "Quantum Nanodevices" under the title "Hilbert Space Engineering of Nuclear Spin Qudits" (https://www.eucor-uni.org/en/qustec/application-information/topics-supervisors). Contact Person: Paul-Antoine Hervieux email : hervieux@unistra.fr

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