Research engineer in instrumentation and magnetism

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Location : Caen, France

Yearly income : Net salary: 1950-2100 euros/month, experience dependent


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Description of the offer :

The CNRS-GREYC lab, located in Caen (France), is actively seeking a research engineer in instrumentation and magnetism. He/she will contribute to further optimization of the sensitive magnetic sensors developed for biomedical applications within an ongoing European project (ByAxon). A magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) microscope has already been developed and is used in the lab. Apart from it, magnetoresistance (MR) and low frequency noise are measured in a separate four-probe set-up with a variable temperature stage. The role of the engineer will be to add the possibility of measuring simultaneously MOKE properties (magnetic hysteresis cycles, coercive or anisotropy field), MR and low frequency noise in the MOKE set-up. In addition, two new features have to be developed: regulation of the temperature in the 300 – 330 K range, and rotation of samples during measurements. The assignment will entail: - Electronics readout design and tests - Labview programing - Characterization of various samples fabricated in the project

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