PhD: Image the twist [NV microscopy of magnetic spirals]

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Location : Villigen, Switzerland

Yearly income : Standard Swiss PhD salary


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Description of the offer :

The Laboratory for Mesocopic Systems (http://www.psi.ch/lmn/mesoscopic-systems) based at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is a joint laboratory between the ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute, which is the largest research centre for the natural and engineering sciences in Switzerland. Our group is interested in the physics of metal-insulator transitions, frustrated magnetism, multiferroics, magnetic spin transport and magnetization dynamics.

Specifically, in this project we are looking for a PhD student to use the NV microscopy to image the magnetic spirals present in YbBaFeCuO5 at RT. The imaging relies on presence of emanating stray fields which, in the case of BiFeO3, arises from a small misalignment of the collinear antiferromagnetic ordering. Therefore, the imaging can be directly performed on YbBaFeCuO5 or the magnetic stray field can be further enhanced by deposition of a thin dusting layer of a soft ferromagnet, e.g. Fe. More details about the project are contained in the attached PDF file.

Your Profile

You hold a Master degree with excellent qualifications in physics and enjoy performing experiments at large-scale facilities. Knowledge of diffraction, magnetism or related areas is beneficial. You should enjoy practical work in a dynamical environment and be a good team player.

Application and further information

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Valerio Scagnoli (valerio.scagnoli_at_psi.ch) Applications must include a CV, motivation letter and a record of Bachelor and Master studies including marks.

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