Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor - Experimental Spintronics

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Description of the offer :

The Department of Physics at University of Gothenburg recruits a Senior Lecturer in Experimental Spintronics. The research within the framework of the employment should complement and strengthen existing activities at the department. The proposed research activities in spintronics should both benefit from the ongoing research activities (http://www.akermanlab.com/research.html) and the existing infrastructure (http://www.akermanlab.com/tools.html) and supplement these with new projects and proposals for new infrastructure.

The research group in spintronics at the University of Gothenburg conducts internationally very active research. The department has recently invested in new infrastructure for depositing magnetic thin films, two new BLS microscopes for spin wave studies, and GPU-based simulation clusters for micromagnetic simulations in order to assist the experimental results with the best possible modeling. The group is co-located with one of the world's best clean rooms (MC2 at Chalmers University of Technology) and the research groups in nanoplasmonics (Prof. Alexandre Dmitriev) and the department's laser facility (Prof. Dag Hanstorp) and together they have very good access to an extensive instrument park in modern lab rooms.

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