PhD: Terahertz magnonics

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Location : Lancaster, United Kingdom

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A PhD project is available in the area of spin dynamics in antiferromagnetic materials, in which spins precess on a picosecond (one trillionth of a second corresponds to THz frequency) timescale and strongly couple to electro-magnetic waves. To excite THz magnons we will use ultrashort strong electro-magnetic fields produced either by table-top ultrafast lasers or by electron bunches at electron-beam facilities of Cockroft Institute. We will push the driven spin dynamics into strongly nonlinear regime required for practical applications such as quantum computation or magnetization switching . We will investigate nonlinear interaction of intense and highly coherent magnons with an eye on reaching regimes of auto-oscillations, nonlinear frequency conversion and complete magnetization reversal.

Please find more detailed description in the pdf attachment.

Interested candidates should contact Dr Rostislav Mikhaylovskiy r.mikhaylovskiy@lancaster.ac.uk for further information. For general information about PhD studies in Physics at Lancaster please contact our postgraduate admissions staff at py-pgadmiss@lancaster.ac.uk.

You can apply directly at http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/physics/study/phd/ stating the title of the project and the name of the supervisor in your application.

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