PhD in three-dimensional nanomagnetism

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Location : Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Description of the offer :

Three-dimensional (3D) nanomagnets, with unprecedented spin-electronic, topological, structural and thermal properties, are promising systems for the future development of greener, more capable, multi-functional devices. The leap to 3D facilitates for instance the emergence of spin textures with new topological properties, providing an exciting new route for ultra-high density, ultra-low power data storage and memory/logic devices.

In this PhD project, we will investigate nanomagnets with complex 3D geometries and unprecedented functionalities. These systems will be characterised by a combination of advanced magnetic methods. This includes Kerr nano-magnetometry, transmission electron microscopy techniques and soft X-ray magnetic microscopy. The project involves a combination of experimental and computational work. During the project, the student will join one of the most prestigious groups worldwide dedicated to the advanced fabrication and characterisation of magnetic nanostructures using electron microscopy techniques.

For more details, see references:
1. Fernández-Pacheco, A. et al. Three dimensional nanomagnetism. Nat. Commun. 8, 15756 (2017).
2. Fowlkes, J. D. et al. High-Fidelity 3D-Nanoprinting via Focused Electron Beams: Computer-Aided Design (3BID). ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 1, 1028–1041 (2018).
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- UK or EU nationality.
- 4 year-BsC or MSc/MRes in Phyics/Materials Science or related subject.
- Only exceptional candidates (1st or 2.1) will be considered.
- Strong motivation to carry out a PhD in experimental condensed matter physics and nanotechnology.
- Strong experimental and computational skills.

Contact and Further information

Available funding: Fully-funded PhD (3.5 years).
PhD start date: October 2019.
Interviews for this position: February-June 2019, normally via Skype.

Supervisor: Dr Amalio Fernández-Pacheco.
Institution: University of Glasgow, UK.

More information: https://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/physics/research/postgraduate/
If interested, directly contact amalio.fernandez-pacheco@glasgow.ac.uk sending your CV and a short motivational letter.

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