Postdoc: Ultrafast Free Electron Laser Program – Research Associate for X-Ray Scattering (BCDI)

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Location : New York, United States

Yearly income : USD 64,000


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Description of the offer :

Brookhaven National Laboratory is staffing an exciting new project entitled Dynamics and Control of Magnetic and Charge Order in Complex Oxides -- one of 10 nationwide programs for advancing x-ray free electron laser studies aiming to advance our understanding of chemical and materials science. The collaboration involves 8 PIs and 5 research associates working together to deliver detailed pictures of ultra-fast spin and charge behavior in complex oxide materials and how this organizes into domains once it couples to the lattice. This multi-degree of freedom, multi-length-scale understanding of canonical strongly correlated oxides is a vital step towards “properties on demand” via strategic ultra-fast excitation of quantum materials.

The BCDI position will be to lead ultrafast time resolved Bragg coherent X-ray diffraction imaging experiments which will be performed at X-ray free-electron laser facilities. The person hired will create images of nanometer-sixed domains within singles crystals of complex oxides, mainly cuprates and iridates, which are of strategic interest to our department.

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