PhD: Computational physics applied to magnetic quantum devices and nanostructures

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Location : Ljubljana, Slovenia

Yearly income : est. EUR 12000 net (after taxes)


Description of the offer :

The successful candidate will work in the field of computational physics with an emphasis on applications to quantum devices, such as hybrid semiconductor-superconductor nanostructures, cold-atom systems, and non-homogeneous strongly-correlated materials. The project led by Rok Zitko will involve a close collaboration with experimental groups both in Ljubljana and abroad, as well as other researchers from the Department for theoretical physics. The funding is available for 3.5-4 years. Tuition fee at the University of Ljubljana is covered, and the students are salaried employees of the Institute. We provide a desktop computer, a travel allowance, as well as full access to HPC facilities. Applicants should have prior experience with programming and solid-state/condensed-matter physics. Good skills in Mathematica, Python and/or C++ are highly desired. We value passion about fundamental research and openness to interdisciplinary collaborations. Fluency in written and spoken English is expected.

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