Postdoc at the DEIMOS beamline (synchrotron SOLEIL)

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Location : Saint-Aubin, France

Yearly income : 37000Euros


File : See details

Description of the offer :

Synchrotron SOLEIL has an opening for a post-doctoral position on the DEIMOS (Dichroism Experimental Installation for Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy) beamline. The DEIMOS beamline is devoted to absorption and dichroic measurements in the 350-2500 eV energy range. This beamline covers a large panel of scientific areas, going from hard-condensed matter (spintronics, nanostructures, …) to chemistry (molecular magnets, …) and Earth science. The beamline experimental set-ups have been designed to offer "extreme" sample environment: very large magnetic field (7 T), wide sample temperature range from 1000 K down to Ultra Low Temperature (200 mK), along with in situ UHV (ultra high vacuum) sample facilities. Two end-stations are devoted to dichroic measurements: a superconductive 7 T magnet allowing very low temperatures and a 2 T electromagnet welcoming different sample holders for very different purposes (multiferroic insert, high sample temperature insert or liquid cell).

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