PhD: Designer magnetic nanoplatelets for cancer treatment?

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Location : Eindhoven, Netherlands

Yearly income : EURO 28k - 40k


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Description of the offer :

This PhD concerns the design and characterisation of synthetic anti-ferromagnetic based nanoplatelets using state-of-the-art (and development of) characterisation, deposition and lithography methods. The aim of the project is to develop a well-defined fabrication protocol and verification method of the magnetic properties of engineered nanoplatelets embedded in different media through a physics framework. In collaboration with partners the fabricated nanoplatelets will be directly used for various applications. For example; treatment of cancer, actuation and manipulation of microfluidics, targeted drug delivery, self-assembly mechanisms, etc. The PhD will be actively involved in these projects as they require an in-depth understanding and tuning of the magnetic and mechanical behaviour of the platelets in their respective environments.

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