Postdoc: Condensed Matter Theory (e.g. transition metal oxides, interfaces, multiferroics)

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Location : Nanjing, China

Yearly income :


Description of the offer :

Established in 1902, located in Nanjing, Southeast University (SEU) is one of the top research-oriented universities in China. SEU is one of the first universities funded by China’s "211" and "985" programs. Postdoctoral fellowship in Condensed Matter Theory is available at the School of Physics of SEU, in the correlated electronic material physics group leaded by Professor Shuai Dong.

Prof. Dong is an active young scientist working on transition metal oxides and their interfaces, multiferroicity, superconductors, and others. He is a recipient (2013) of the National Natural Science Funds for Excellent Young Scholar and currently a Changjiang Junior Scholar.

Information about our group can be found at http://hpc.seu.edu.cn/dong (most in chinese).


  1. Salary before tax is 300 K RMB (about 43.2 K US dollars) per year. This position is a fellowship provided by the China postdoc office. There's competition for this fellowship. The appointment is for two years in total (21-24 months).
  2. Great opportunity exists to be promoted to be a formal faculty member after two years, if the performance is excellent.
  3. Other benefits for employees of SEU are standard, including the healthcare insurance and SEU kindergarten for children.
  4. A two bed-room apartment located in downtown is provided almost for free.
  5. Bonuses from SEU and our group are also available depending on performance.
  6. Starting up funding is available. Multiple sources for external grants are available.
  7. Our group is very active and productive, with close collaborations with many theoretical and experimental experts all over the world.


  • Age <= 35 (years).
  • Phd degree obtained abroad within 3 years in top institutions in the world.
  • Good research ability, namely good publication record in condensed matter physics, as well as good communication skill in chinese or english.


To apply candidates should submit electronically their application (CV and statement of research interests) to sdong@seu.edu.cn via email.

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