PhD: TEM magnetic imaging of ferromagnetic nanotubes for 3D spintronics

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Location : Grenoble, France

Yearly income : 24500€


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Description of the offer :

Three-dimensional spintronics is a fast emerging topic. On the fundamental side this opens pathways for novel spin configurations and magnetization dynamics, owing to the possibility of three-dimensional spin textures in nanowires and nanotubes, periodic boundary conditions and curvature-induced effects. On the applied side this would allow to extend existing spintronic technologies to three-dimensional architectures, liable to compete as an ultra-high density storage medium.

The objective of the PhD is to explore the physics of basic 3D spintronic building blocks. We will consider chemically-synthesized single-shell and core-shell magnetic nanotubes, and mostly address their magnetization textures and dynamics. A key tool for the PhD will be transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The student will be inserted in a larger action on magnetic nanowires and nanotubes conducted in the spin textures team, involving researchers and young scientists from Spintec laboratory, Institut Néel and beyond. More details to be found in the attached PDF.

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