Experimental Solid-state Spintronics across Quantum objects [CNRS competition for permanent position, CR]

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Location : Strasbourg, France

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Based on promising in-house experimental spintronic results of room-temperature quantum transport across spin chains, we (IPCMS-DMONS, Strasbourg, France) are looking to expand our scientific team’s core experimental expertise toward quantum physics.

Candidate search for a permanent Junior Researcher CNRS position (Chargé de recherche de classe normale, CR)

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please email your CV and a short letter of motivation. Letters of recommendation are welcome. We will interview the potential candidates through Nov. 15th, 2018, and help one candidate assemble a recruitment proposal package due in early Jan 2019 (=support for the candidate, however, he/she needs to go through the CNRS competition).

See the attached PDF for more information.
Some information on the CNRS permanent positions and recruitment process can be found on the CNRS website: http://www.cnrs.fr/en/join/researchers-permanent.htm

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