Postdoc: Magnetic proximity effect in FM/2D intefaces

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Location : Trieste, Italy

Yearly income : depending on candidate experience


File : See details

Description of the offer :

A position for a post-doc of 2 years is open at the IOM institute of the CNR. The position will be located at the NFFA-Trieste facility which is based in the Basovizza (Trieste) area science park campus.

The suitable candidate will be involved in studies regarding the magnetic properties of multiferroics and 2D systems and magnetic heterostructures based on oxides grown by PLD and MBE (available at NFFA premises). In particular, the research activity will be focused on:
- the use of magnetoelectric coupling at FE/FM interfaces
- the use of interfacial magnetic proximity effect for propagating magnetic polarization on transition metal dichalcogenides and 2D ferromagnets.

The research activity will include growth and characterization of samples by standard laboratory techniques, the study of the electronic and magnetic properties via X-ray based spectroscopies (ARPES, RESPES, XAS/ XMCD) and the study of the magnetization dynamics of the heterostructures by pump and probe experiments with laser HHG source (6-60 eV, 200 fs). The candidate will also be involved in the instrumental development of the laboratories and in the NFFA-Trieste user assistance.


- completed their PhD degree in physics, materials science, chemistry, or related fields
- excellent English language skills
- prefered: research experience in atomically engineered thin film materials, spintronic materials, oxide interfaces and heterostructures
- a strong motivation to work in an interdisciplinary and international environment

For information email to: giancarlo.panaccione@elettra.eu or piero.torelli@elettra.eu

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