Process / Integration Engineer [magneto-electronic sensors, memories]

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Location : Grenoble, France

Yearly income :


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Description of the offer :


  • Work within Crocus Technology team in Grenoble (France) to optimize, improve and control fabrication processes for magneto-electronic sensor and memory products.
  • Interact with foundry partners to drive process and integration improvements and collect relevant process related data.
  • Interact with internal magnetics, test, device characterization and product teams to understand process, integration and yield requirements for product.
  • Provide correlations of product yield and parametric performance against diverse process related parameters.
  • Contribute to Crocus Technology intellectual property via invention disclosures and publications.


  • Engineer in process technology.
  • Demonstrated experience semiconductor process technology (etch in particular).
  • Experience in semiconductor integration.
  • Industrial experience or experience of collaborating with industry partners is preferred.
  • Effective written and oral communications skills with a high degree of fluency in English. Fluency in French is desirable but not required.
  • Significant analytical skills in statistical data analysis and computation tools (JMP, MATLAB and Python).
  • Ability to work independently in an efficient, flexible and effective manner in a diverse team environments.


  • Please submit CV/resume to Ken Mackay: kmackay@crocus-technology.com

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