Postdoc: Optical detection of magnetization dynamics induced by spin-orbit torques

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Location : Exeter, United Kingdom

Yearly income : 28,936 to 37,706 UK pounds


Description of the offer :

Time resolved scanning Kerr microscopy (TRSKM) will be used to observe the magnetization dynamics induced by spin-orbit torques (SOTs). The TRSKM is equipped with a 3D projected-field electromagnet system that leaves space for access for multiple high frequency electrical probes, and either a high numerical aperture microscope objective or a near-field magneto-optical probe. The SOTs will be quantified in planar structures with unprecedented spatial resolution, while switching processes in magnetic random access memory (MRAM) structures and auto-oscillations within spin transfer oscillator structures will be imaged.

The successful applicant should be conversant with high frequency processes within magnetic systems and/or high frequency measurement techniques. They will be expected to work within a larger team of PhD students and postdoctoral workers at Exeter, and with project partners at HGST, Brown University and the University of Gothenburg.

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