PhD: New hybrid excitation in strongly correlated materials: the electromagnon

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Location : Orsay, France

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In this project we aim to undisclose key experimental characteristics of a mysterious hybrid mode in the RMn2O5 family of magneto-electric multiferroics. Using Raman scattering, Infrared spectroscopy, dielectric constant measurements and inelastic neutron scattering, we intend to provide a large and as exhaustive as possible picture of so-called electromagnon (new kind of elementary excitation) to bring crucial information leading to a theoretical description. This work will imply work both in the laboratory and in national facilities (LLB and ILL neutron centers and Synchrotrons) and will benefit from well-established collaborations with experts in each of these experimental techniques and theoreticians.

Victor Balédent: victor.baledent at u-psud.fr

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