Postdoc: Manipulation of magnetic skyrmions for logic application

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Location : Grenoble, France

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Magnetic skyrmions are chiral spin structures with a whirling spin configuration. Their topological properties, nanometer scale and their possible manipulation by electrical current have opened a path for skyrmion based memory and logic devices combining high density and low power operations. The aim of this post-doc will be to study the skyrmion-skyrmion interaction and to engineer skyrmion logic gates with the objective of demonstrating the proof of concept of logic operations based on skyrmions. The post-doc tasks will include the sample preparation (material characterization, nanofabrication), the magnetic microscopy experiments and the modelling using analytical model and micromagnetic simulations.

Applicants should send a CV and letter of motivation to Olivier Boulle, olivier.boulle@cea.fr.

An experience in spintronics would be an asset. Spintec is located in Grenoble, France.

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