Researcher: Spin logic devices

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Location : Leuven, Belgium

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Researcher - Spin logic devices - IMEC, Leuven, Belgium

The researcher will be a member of the Exploratory Device team to enable novel device concepts for logic applications. You will work closely with our engineers to design and build spin-transfer torque devices with lab and fab processing. Your main responsibilities are to conceive and improve STT device design, provide integration strategy and to carry out physical and electrical characterization in both lab and fab based environment. You will focus on the realization of low power/proof-of-concept logic devices such as majority gates, to obtain valuable insights on the switching mechanism, domain wall propagation and pinning. Moreover, you will provide guidance to and supervise PhD students. In addition to domain-wall-based spin logic devices, the researcher will have the opportunity to explore experimentally innovative logic concepts based on spin-torque oscillators. A few years of industrial or academic experience would be a plus.

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