PhD: Synthetic magnetic structures to tailor electromagnetic response on flexible substrates

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Location : Belfast, United Kingdom

Yearly income : Maintenance Grant (~£14.7K p.a.) + University Fees


Description of the offer :

There is interest in investigating the inherent electromagnetic properties of magnetic materials in the 0.5-20 GHz regime, paying particular attention to the permeability. Particularly important are approaches to tune permeability by creating 'synthetic' materials through 'multilayering' known materials to create new functionality not achievable from the constituents themselves. This project will extend the interest in the development of these synthetic magnetic systems with controlled permeability onto flexible substrates. This project will be aimed at developing a series of materials deposited on flexible substrates that can be explore for different applications and though the duration of the project the student will have the opportunity to engage and interact with other industry end users who might exploit the research into applications described above.

A PhD project, of 3.5 years duration, is available from September 2018 to undertake research in the project described. You will join a team of people working on the programme supported by Seagate Technology and the Royal Academy of Engineering investigating high frequency magnetic materials. You'll be assigned an industry mentor at Seagate Technology and will spend some time there regularly interacting with their R&D staff, understanding the boarder context, and implementation of magnetic systems. Studentship is open to those eligible for UK EPSRC support (UK & those EU Nationals meeting eligibility requirements).

Apply direct via the Queen's University Belfast PGR portal at https://dap.qub.ac.uk/portal/user/u_login.php citing the project title.

More information: Prof. Robert Bowman, r.m.bowman@qub.ac.uk

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