PhD: Magnetism at nanoscale and below

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Location : Nijmegen, Netherlands

Yearly income : 30.000 Euro brutto


Description of the offer :

This project aims at the study of the development of electron- and spin correlations in atomic size clusters, at the one-atom-at-a-time level. In gas-phase experiments, the clusters will be synthesized by laser ablation and studied in-situ in a cluster beam setup. The structural and electronic information will be obtained from vibrational spectroscopy (at a free electron laser facility FELIX) supported by DFT calculations, the latter in a collaboration with the Theory of Condensed Matter group. Magnetic properties will be studied via the deflection experiments in a gradient magnetic field. This will be combined with the ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy of the electronic states in the clusters. The ultimate goal of the project will be to observe the transition from classical to quantum magnetic behavior.

More information: Prof. dr. A. Kirilyuk (a.kirilyuk@science.ru.nl)


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