PostDoc: Single-Molecule Spin Resonance in liquid phase using RF-STM

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Location : Linz, Austria

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Work location:Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), Altenberger Strasse 69, 4040, Linz, Austria, Department of Solid State Physics, RF Nano-Spectroscopy Group. http://ltstm.jku.at

Project: Single-Atom Radio Frequency Fingerprinting (SARF);

Keywords: Molecular Magnetism, Single-Molecule Spin Resonance, Experimental Nanophysics/Chemistry

Background: Modern nanoscience approaches the atomic scale: Individual atoms, rather than ensembles, carry the functionalities of man-made devices (switching, storing, calculating, catalyzing, etc). While single-atom imaging is routine since the advent of the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) in the ‘80s, their chemical identification is difficult. The project develops a “6th sense” that turns the STM from an imaging- to an identification tool with atomic resolution.

Job description: The group of Prof. Stefan Müllegger within the Department of Solid State Physics has a strong background in radio frequency (rf) scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), contributing over the last years seminal developments to the growing field of rf-STM and related nanoanalytics. [For further information, see: Sci. Rep. 7, 9708 (2017); PRB 92, 220418(R) (2015); PRL 112, 117201 (2014); PRL 113, 133001 (2014); Nanotechnology 25, 135705 (2014).] rf-STM enables us to probe a set of nuclear and electronic magnetic transitions of single molecules. In the SARF project, we are looking for a candidate to lead the further development of rf-STM under ambient conditions. This requires to explore, for the first time, the experimental and technological possibility of translating existing rf-STM based methodology, so far operated only at ultrahigh vacuum conditions (base pressure < 1E-9 mbar) and cryogenic sample temperatures (5 K) , to the solid-liquid interface at ambient conditions (300 K, 1 bar). At a first stage, tunable rf modulation (MHz to GHz) of the tunneling current under small static magnetic fields will be combined with a liquid-phase STM operating under ambient conditions. Later on, we shall apply the new instrument for in-situ nano-electrical investigations of electrochemical reactions at the single-molecule level. The successful candidate will get the opportunity to lead the first-time experimental and technological translation of existing rf-STM methodology to the solid-liquid interface.

Requirements: Recent PhD in experimental physics, (physical) chemistry or related field. Talented experimentalist. Enthusiastic. Pro-active. Desired skills: Strong background in conventional liquid-phase scanning tunneling microscopy at ambient conditions. Experience with wet chemistry techniques.

The applicant should send his/her curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation and at least 2 letters of recommendation. All documents should be sent to: stefan.muellegger@jku.at

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