Postdoc: First-principle Spintronics Theory

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Location : Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Yearly income : $50,000


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Description of the offer :

The Spintronics Theory Group (https://spintronics.kaust.edu.sa) at KAUST (Saudi Arabia) develops theoretical models to describe the physical mechanisms happening at the nanoscale in magnetic heterostructures, with a particularly focus on spin-orbit coupled transport, spin transfer torque, spin Hall effect, Rashba effect, Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, antiferromagnetic spintronics etc.

We invite applications for a post-doctoral position in theoretical spintronics. The proposed project addresses the realistic modeling of transport properties of novel topological materials such as, but not limited to, Z2 topological insulators, topological crystalline insulators, Weyl and Dirac semimetals. Our objective is to exploit the strong spin-momentum locking and unconventional dispersion of surface states to promote non-equilibrium exotic phenomena. To do so, we recently acquired the Atomistix ToolKit package (https://quantumwise.com/products/atk) that allows for modeling transport properties based on density functional theory. All major DFT codes are available as well as world-class high performance computing facilities (hpc.kaust.edu.sa).

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