PhD: Spin-to-charge conversion in strong spin-orbit coupling systems

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Location : San Sebastian, Spain

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This research will be part of QuESTech (Quantum Electronics Science and Technology training), an Innovative Training Network funded by the EU (http://www.questech.org). The researcher will study promising methods that exploit the spin-orbit coupling to create pure spin current, such as the spin Hall effect in heavy metals, the Rashba-Edelstein effect at 2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures, or the spin-momentum locking at topological insulators. These systems should provide a novel exciting way of playing with the spin-charge inter-conversion. The research will require the nanofabrication of devices (thin film deposition, electron-beam lithography, etching), together with their magnetotransport measurements (high magnetic fields and low temperatures). More information in the attached pdf.

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