PhD: Perpendicularly magnetised Heusler alloys for spintronic devices

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Location : Wellington, New Zealand

Yearly income : NZ$27,000 (untaxed) per annum for 3 years


File : See details

Description of the offer :

Spintronics is the field of research into materials and devices that use the spin of the electron for a new form of electronics that is low-power and intrinsically nanoscale. This PhD project is funded for 3 years and will investigate the fundamental physical characteristics of magnetic Heusler alloy thin films as well as their use in spintronic devices such as spin-torque oscillators and magnetic tunnel junctions.

We are looking for a student with a background in condensed matter physics, materials science or similar, preferably with some experience in lab-based materials physics experiments.

Further details are in the attached PDF (See details).

For further information, send an email with the title “Re: Heusler spintronics PhD position” to Dr Simon Granville: simon.granville@vuw.ac.nz

Applicants should include the following: (i) Curriculum Vitae, (ii) A summary of university grades, (iii) A statement detailing why they are interested in this project (cover letter), (iv) Contact information for two potential referees.

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