PhD/Postdoc: Magnetic coupling in hetero- and nanostructures

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Location : Linz, Austria

Yearly income : 28994 €


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Description of the offer :

PhD 30 hours/week for 3 years / Post-Doc 40 hours/week for 2 years

You will work within a research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund to study static and dynamic magnetic coupling in hetero- and nanostructures using classical magnetometry, magnetic resonance, and synchrotron methods. Your duties include sample fabrication, in particular using electron beam lithography, conduct experiments including synchrotron beamtimes, data analysis, and written and oral presentations of the physical results. You hold a Master's degree in experimental physics or equivalent (for PhD). or doctorate (for postdoc). Your skills ideally include one or more of the following: experimental solid state physics, magnetism, electron beam lithography, magnetotransport measurements, and synchrotron methods.

Contact and Further information

Dr. Andreas Ney: andreas.ney@jku.at

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