PhD: Remote control of drug-loaded magnetotactic bacteria for cancer treatment

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Location : Bilbao, Spain

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About the project

Magnetotactic bacteria contain nanometer sized magnetic crystals (magnetosomes) generally composed of magnetite, Fe3O4, that act as internal compass, allowing the bacteria to “sense” the Earth’s magnetic field and navigate accordingly. Since their discovery in 1975, the main interest on these bacteria has been focused on the extraction and use of the magnetosomes for different kinds of biomedical applications, including cancer treatment, due to the high crystallinity and intrinsic biocompatibility of the magnetosomes. However, very recently a few groups have started investigating the possibility of using the bacteria as a whole, instead of the isolated magnetosomes, for more innovative applications.

The main objective of the present project is to use magnetotactic bacteria as micro-robots that can be remotely controlled by external magnetic fields in order to deliver anticancer drugs to glioblastoma cancer cells.

About the position

A three years full-time position within the functional materials and integration research group in BCMaterials, an independent Research Centre in active and functional materials located near Bilbao in the Basque Country, north of Spain.

The interdisciplinary nature of the project will have a strong impact on the PhD student’s career, who will gain skills in different areas including magnetism, microbiology, cell biology, electrical engineering, etc. During the project, the student will also participate in a network of different national and international collaborators. Besides, complementary skills in management, communication, transfer of knowledge and teamwork will also be obtained.


  • Master's degree in Master on Materials Science, Physics, Microbiology or related areas
  • English

Previous experience in magnetic materials characterization, electromagnetic engineering and/or microbiological techniques is desirable.

Further information and How to apply

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To apply, send your CV, academic records of your degree, and contact details for 2 referees to:

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