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Below are listed events related to Magnetism: workshops, conferences, schools etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest other events not yet listed. Please mention the type of event, its short and possibly long names, place, dates and URL. An archive of events prior to 2014 may be found here.

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Tags are the following: Conference for a large-scale event mainly devoted to magnetism; Workshop for a smaller-scale or less-formal event; Symposium for a magnetism-dedicated session in an other larger-topic event; School for a mainly education-oriented event; Exhibition for fairs etc. Online events have "e-" prefix: Online seminars = e-Seminars.

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  • Workshop

    Trends and Perspectives in Neutron Scattering: Quantum Materials From Bulk to Nano

    - JCNS Workshop 2021 [quantum magnetism] (planned 2020)

    Tutzing, Germany

    11-14 Oct2021
  • Workshop

    Spin Cavitronics IV

    - optomagnonics, cavity spintronics (interaction of photons and magnons); initially 20-24 Oct 2020

    Sendai, Japan

    28 Sep-02 Oct2021
  • Conference

    Magnetic Frontiers 2021: Quantum Technology

    - (initially 13-16 Oct 2020)

    New York, USA

    28 Sep-01 Oct2021
  • Conference

    UMC 2021

    - 5th Ultrafast Magnetism Conference

    Nancy, France

    21-24 Sep2021
  • Conference


    - 25th Soft Magnetic Materials Conference

    Grenoble, France

    13-16 Sep2021
  • Conference


    - Trends in Magnetism (initially 7-11 Sep 2020)

    Cefalu, Italy

    06-10 Sep2021
  • School


    - The European School on Magnetism 2021: From fundamental properties of matter to magnetic materials and applications

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania + ONLINE

    06-17 Sep2021
  • Workshop

    IWMNT 2021

    - International Workshop on Magnetic Nanowires and NanoTubes 2021

    Waischenfeld, Germany

    30 Aug-03 Sep2021
  • School

    JCNS Laboratory Course - Neutron Scattering

    - inc. Spin Dependent and Magnetic Scattering

    Jülich/Garching, Germany

    30 Aug-10 Sep2021
  • Conference

    IBCM 2021

    - IV International Baltic Conference on Magnetism

    Online + Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia

    29 Aug-02 Sep2021
  • Workshop

    Spin Mechanics 7

    - arrival 8 Aug (initially planned 10-13 Aug 2020)

    Gerolfingen, Germany

    09-12 Aug2021
  • School

    4th International Advanced School on Magnonics - MAGNETOFON

    - (originally 3-7 Aug 2020)

    Porto, Portugal

    02-06 Aug2021
  • Workshop

    2D Spin 2021

    - 2nd Workshop on spins, valleys, and topological states in 2D and layered materials (initially 20-23 Jul 2020)

    San Sebastian, Spain

    26-29 Jul2021
  • Symposium

    Eurotherm seminar on Caloric Heating and Cooling

    - inc. Magnetocalorics, magnetic fluids, magnet assemblies, devices ... (originally 2020)

    Enschede, the Netherlands

    13-15 Jul2021
  • Conference

    GRC Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures

    - Spin Dynamics and Manipulation Near and Far from Equilibrium in New Materials, Scales and Geometries

    Les Diablerets, Switzerland

    11-16 Jul2021
  • Workshop

    GRS Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures

    - Spin Manipulation Across Dimensions; Gordon Research Seminar

    Les Diablerets, Switzerland

    10-11 Jul2021
  • Conference

    15th µSR

    - 15th International Conference on Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation and Resonance and Student Day (4 Jul) [initially 5-7 Jul 2020]

    Parma, Italy

    04-09 Jul2021
  • e-Conference


    - 16th European Conference Physics of Magnetism (initially PM'20: 22-26 June 2020)

    Online (Poznan, Poland)

    28 Jun-02 Jul2021
  • Conference

    Topological Matter Conference

    - Topological insulators, Weyl semimetals, skyrmions... (initially 8-12 Jun 20)

    Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain

    28 Jun-02 Jul2021
  • Workshop

    Curvilinear Condensed Matter: Fundamentals and Applications [magnetism]

    - Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation seminar (originally 6-8 April 2020)

    Bad Honnef, Germany

    24-26 Jun2021
  • Workshop

    Dual Nature of f-Electrons

    - 8th edittion, emerging areas in strongly correlated quantum matter, inc. magnetism

    Dresden, Germany

    22-25 Jun2021
  • Conference

    Sol-SkyMag 2021

    - 5th International Conference on Nanomagnetism and Spintronics (Solitons and Skyrmion Magnetism)

    San Sebastain, Spain

    21-24 Jun2021
  • Conference


    - IEEE Advances in Magnetics (initially planned for 8-11 March 2020)

    Moena, Italy

    13-16 Jun2021
  • e-Conference

    Magnetic North VII

    - Influence of Magnetism on Electronic Topology and more; part of CAP2021


    07-09 Jun2021
  • e-Workshop

    REPM 2021

    - 26th International Workshop on Rare Earth and Future Permanent Magnets and Their Applications (initially 23-27 Aug 2020)

    Online (virtual workshop)

    07-10 Jun2021
  • Workshop

    HMM 2021

    - 13th International Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics; ?to be postponed?

    Vienna, Austria

    31 May-02 Jun2021
  • Workshop

    Magnetic Small Angle Neutron Scattering – from Nanoscale Magnetism to Long‐Range Magnetic Structures

    - Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation seminar (originally 7-11 June 2020)

    Tutzing, Germany

    30 May-03 Jun2021
  • e-Symposium

    Hot topics in THz Photonics: Spintronics and Biophotonics

    - Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics


    09-14 May2021
  • e-Conference

    Intermag 2021


    26-30 Apr2021
  • e-Symposium

    SCTE 2021

    - 22nd International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements (originally 5-10 Jul 2020)


    11-16 Apr2021
  • e-Conference

    Materials Challenges for Memory

    - Virtual Conference


    11-13 Apr2021
  • e-Workshop

    SKYMAG 2021

    - Challenges for Magnetic Skyrmions and opportunities for skyrmionic devices


    31 Mar-01 Apr2021
  • e-Workshop

    WiCE 2021

    - Workshop on i-Caloric Effects (magnetocaloric, electrocaloric, and mechanocaloric)


    30-31 Mar2021
  • e-Conference

    MAGNET 2021

    - 7th Italian Conference on Magnetism (virtual, reduced format)


    11-12 Feb2021
  • e-Conference

    MAGNETICS 2021

    - Economic developments and technical advancements in magnetics markets and technologies


    19-20 Jan2021
Results 35/35