Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

As described by the statutes of the School, the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) provides suggestions for the choice of lectures and lecturers. The SAC comprises members of prominent mostly European centers for research on Magnetism. The term covers the organization of four schools. Additional members may be invited to participate to the SAC for a given School, based on their expertise on the particular topic that may be assigned to the School.

Franca Albertini
Parma, Italy

Agustina Asenjo
Madrid, Spain

Vincent Cros
Paris, France

Nora Dempsey
Grenoble, France

Sebastian Gönnenwein
Dresden, Germany

Christian Pfleiderer
Munich, Germany

Karl Sandeman
New-York, USA; London, UK

Virginie Simonet
Grenoble, France

Robert Stamps
Winnipeg, Canada

Julie Staunton
Warwick, UK

Sergio O. Valenzuela
Barcelona, Spain

Bartel Van Waeyenberge
Ghent, Belgium

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
Karlsruhe, Germany

Andrej Zorko
Ljubljana, Slovenia