Practical information

Practical information

On this page you find information about Brno and the Czech republic, your venue to the School center, practical information for the school duration.

About Brno and the Czech Republic


Visas are not required for citizens of most European countries, permanent residents of a Schengen state, as well as for a series of other countries (more info here). If you need a visa, a personal invitation letter may be necessary (see below), which you may request from the Organizing Committee. Conditions such as the remaining validity of your passeport may also apply. Here are some documents to assist you. We leave it under your responsibility that you check that these conditions still hold at the time of your departure.

Practical information

  • Czech crown (koruna) is the currency in use (1 EUR = 25.7 CZK ~ 1 beer). You can pay by Euro in some supermarkets and shops. You can pay by a card at many places (also contact-less payments).
  • Power plugs and sockets are of the type E (Europlug compatible standard e.g. as in France or Germany), voltage 230V, 50 Hz.
    Check here to figure out if you need an adapter or voltage convertor.
  • EHIC: European Health Insurance Card. This card is free and allows attendees coming from European member states to receive medical treatment for free or at a reduced cost. Probably to be requested from your provider of health insurance.

Tourist information

Travel information

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Local information

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School site

  • The school is held at Brno University of Technology.
  • Accommodation is covered by the registration fees.


  • Climate: the (long-term) average temperature at the time of the School is in the range 10-20°C (~25°C in 2018). Usually it does not rain much.
  • Casual wear: one outing and one sport sessions have been scheduled. Please bring casual wear and also sports wear in case you take part in the sports afternoon (7th September).
  • Posters: we encourage participants to bring posters to present their work. Posters will be hanged during coffee breaks and special sessions. The preferred size of the posters is A0 portrait. Early in the time schedule very short oral sessions (1-2 min, two slides max) have been scheduled for quick presentations of the participants as an introduction to their poster (aka poster clips). Please have such slides prepared in an electronic format!