The European School on Magnetism (ESM) is a yearly event organized by the European magnetism community, through the European Magnetism Association. The mission of ESM is higher education of young European scientist in the field of Magnetism, while promoting networking and create effective links between academics and the industry.


The European School on Magnetism aims at providing a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of magnetism. It is open to young scientists and consists of a ten-day training course combining lectures and various training activities. A large part of the School is devoted to fundamentals of magnetism, while more specialized lectures are provided around a up-to-date topic assigned to each School. The school is held yearly, except those years when the Summer School of the IEEE Magnetics Society is held in Europe. See more details.

The practical organization of ESM relies on a steering committee and the chair assigned for each school, assisted by a scientific advisory committee, and is supported by various institutions. The statutes regulating the School may be found here.

All schools held since 2003 are documented on the present web site, with their program and most of the abstracts and slides of the lectures available for download. Alternatively you may browse or search by topics or authors the repository of all lectures available through the years, ordered by topics as well as lecturer.

Next School session (ESM2019) will be held 02-13 Sep 2019, Brno, Czech Republic. Chair: Michal Urbánek (CZ).

ESM 2019: experimental techniques

ESM 2019 will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, with dates 2-13 Sep 2019. The topic will be "Experimental techniques". As for previous School, activities will consist of lectures (40h), question sessions (8h), access to a Library on Magnetism, and practicals (4-6h).

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