Worldwide agenda of magnetics events

Below are listed events related to Magnetism: workshops, conferences, schools etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest other events not yet listed. Please mention the type of event, its short and possibly long names, place, dates and URL. An archive of events prior to 2014 may be found here.

The European Magnetism Association offers non-commercial support to the technical organization of magnetism-related events, as part of its mission towards the Magnetism community. See the technical sponsorship agreement for more details.

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Tags are the following: Conference for a large-scale event mainly devoted to magnetism; Workshop for a smaller-scale or less-formal event; Symposium for a magnetism-dedicated session in an other larger-topic event; School for a mainly education-oriented event; Exhibition for fairs etc. Online events have "e-" prefix: Online seminars = e-Seminars.

Beware of predatory events

Beware of invitations by predatory events, driven only by commercial purposes. Attending these only contributes to spoil your budget and impact our carbon footprint, with no gain for science nor for your CV. See our hints to identify them. We do our best to not include scam events in our agenda.

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  • Conference

    MMM 2025

    - 70th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

    Palm Beach, FL, USA

    27-31 Oct2025
  • Conference

    MMM-Intermag 2025

    - 16th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference

    New Orleans, USA

    13-17 Jan2025
  • Conference


    - 25th International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces

    Perugia, Italy

    07-12 Jul2024
  • Conference

    ICM 2024

    - 22nd International Conference on Magnetism

    Bologna, Italy

    30 Jun-05 Jul2024
  • Conference

    Intermag 2024

    - IEEE International Magnetics Conference 2024

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    06-11 May2024
  • Conference

    MMM 2023

    - Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

    Dallas, USA

    30 Oct-03 Nov2023
  • Workshop

    LAW3M 2023

    - XII Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, & their Applications

    Puerto Varas, Chile

    17-20 Oct2023
  • Workshop

    THz spintronic

    - Towards THz spin-based devices - SPICE workshop

    Ingelheim, Germany

    10-12 Oct2023
  • Conference

    TMAG 2023

    - Trends in Magnetism 2023

    Rome, Italia

    04-08 Sep2023
  • Conference


    - Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society

    Milano, Italia

    04-08 Sep2023
  • School

    ESM 2023

    - The European School on Magnetism 2023: Nanomagnetism for emerging technologies

    Madrid, Spain & ONLINE

    03-15 Sep2023
  • Conference


    - The Joint European Magnetic Symposia

    Madrid, Spain

    27 Aug-01 Sep2023
  • Conference

    Magnonics 2023

    - 8th international meeting on fundamentals and applications of magnons

    Le Touquet–Paris–Plage, France

    30 Jul-03 Aug2023
  • Workshop

    Recent advances in non-equilibrium and magnetic phenomena

    - SPICE Young Research Leaders Group Workshop

    Ingelheim, Germany

    25-27 Jul2023
  • Symposium

    MML 2023

    - 11th International Symposium on Metallic Multilayers

    Seoul, Korea

    24-28 Jul2023
  • School

    2023 IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School

    - Application deadline: 18 Nov 2022

    Bari, Italy

    16-21 Jul2023
  • Conference

    Physics of Magnetism 2023

    - PM'23

    Poznan, Poland

    26-30 Jun2023
  • Conference

    Sol-SkyMag 2023

    - 7th International Conference on Magnetism and Spintronics (Solitons and Skyrmion Magnetism)

    San Sebastian, Spain

    19-23 Jun2023
  • Workshop

    Quantum Spinoptics

    - SPICE workshop

    Ingelheim, Germany

    13-15 Jun2023
  • Conference

    Magnetic Frontiers 2023

    - Magnetic Frontiers: Quantum Technology

    New York, USA

    06-09 Jun2023
  • Workshop

    HMM 2023

    - 13th International Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics

    Vienna, Austria

    05-07 Jun2023
  • Conference

    COMPUMAG 2023

    - 24th International Conference on the Computation of Electromagnetic Fields

    Kyoto, Japan

    22-26 May2023
  • Conference

    Intermag 2023

    - IEEE International Magnetics Conference 2023

    Sendai, Japan

    15-19 May2023
  • Workshop
    09-11 May2023
  • Conference

    Topological Matter Conference 2023

    - Topological insulators, Weyl semimetals, skyrmions...

    Athens, Greece

    28-31 Mar2023
  • Conference

    Magnetic nanomaterials in biomedicine: synthesis and functionalization

    - APRICOT: Armenia's Perspectives in Current Oncology Theranostics

    Yerevan, Armenia

    01-04 Mar2023
  • Symposium


    - Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology; parts on magnetism, spintronics

    Rotorua, New Zealand

    07-10 Feb2023
  • Conference


    - 4th International Conference IEEE Advances in Magnetics

    Moena (Trento), Italy

    15-18 Jan2023
  • Workshop

    Re‐thinking Spintronics: From Unconventional Materials to Novel Technologies

    - Application & abstract till 17 Nov

    Bad Honnef, Germany

    04-06 Jan2023
  • School

    PETASPIN 2022

    - School on “Spintronics: fundamentals and applications”

    Messina, Italy

    13-16 Dec2022
  • Symposium

    14th MRAM Global Innovation Forum

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    08 Dec2022
  • Symposium

    IEDM-MRAM poster session 2022

    - half page abstract to kevin.garello@cea.fr before 31 October 2022

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    03-07 Dec2022
  • Workshop
    22-24 Nov2022
  • e-School

    InMRAM 2022

    - basics of magnetism, spintronics and Magnetic Random Access Memory technology


    21-23 Nov2022
  • Workshop

    Spin Argentina

    - International Workshop on Spintronics 2022

    Bariloche, Argentina

    06-11 Nov2022
  • Conference

    MMM 2022

    - Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

    Minneapolis, USA

    31 Oct-04 Nov2022
  • Conference

    ICFPM 2022

    - International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism (previously planned 30 May - 3 June)

    Yokohama, Japan

    16-21 Oct2022
  • Conference

    MagnEFi Conference 2022

    - spintronics, electric field control of magnetism, nonlinear effects in magnetism, ...

    Crete, Greece

    10-14 Oct2022
  • Conference

    LEEM PEEM 12

    - LEEM, PEEM, SPLEEM, SPELEEM, XPEEM (initially planned in 2020)

    Cordoba, Spain

    26-30 Sep2022
  • Workshop

    TOPO 2022

    - International Workshop on Topological Structures

    Mainz, Germany

    13-16 Sep2022
  • Conference

    UMC 2022

    - 5th Ultrafast Magnetism Conference (originally 21-24 Sep 2021)

    Nancy, France

    12-16 Sep2022
  • Conference
    12-13 Sep2022
  • School


    - The European School on Magnetism 2022: Basic Magnetism for Sustainable Develoment

    Saarbrücken, Germany & ONLINE

    11-23 Sep2022
  • School

    24th JCNS Laboratory Course on Neutron Scattering

    - inc. Spin Dependent and Magnetic Scattering

    Jülich/Garching, Germany

    05-16 Sep2022
  • Conference

    TMAG 2022

    - Trends in Magnetism 2022; main theme: Antiferromagnetism and Light

    Venice, Italy

    04-09 Sep2022
  • e-Conference

    AtC-AtG 2022

    - IEEE Around-the-Clock Around-the-Globe Magnetics Conference


    31 Aug2022
  • Conference

    TMRC 2022

    - 33rd Magnetic Recording Conference: Solid State Magnetic Memory and Recording Technologies for >3 Tbits/in2

    Milpitas, CA, US

    29-31 Aug2022
  • Conference


    - 12th International Conference on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials; NEW dates

    Duisburg, Germany

    28 Aug-02 Sep2022
  • Conference

    15th µSR

    - 15th International Conference on Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation and Resonance and Student Day (28 Aug) [initially 5-7 Jul 2020; then 2021]

    Parma, Italy

    28 Aug-02 Sep2022
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