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  • Feynman lectures on-line - Magnetic materials


    Some of you may know that the full content of so-called Feynman lectures have been available on-line for some time now, at the Caltech Institute of Technology. This includes the lecture on magnetic materials.

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  • Samsung announces MRAM-embedded FDSOI at 28nm


    Samsung Foundry is going to offer both spin torque transfer magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) and flash as embedded non-volatile memory options on its 28nm FDSOI manufacturing process.

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  • IBM demonstrated 11nm STT-MRAM junction


    IBM researchers, in collaboration with Samsung researchers, demonstrated switching MRAM cells for devices with diameters ranging from 50 down to 11 nanometers in only 10 nanoseconds, using only 7.5 microamperes.

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  • Creation of the editorial committee


    An editorial committee for MAGNETISM.eu is being created. Its aim is to contribute to gathering a a few broad-scope news related to Magnetism per month, for inclusion on the web site and in the newsletter.

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  • Flexible spintronics


    A general trend is to transfer functionalities from the usual rigid supports to flexible media, from cloth to plastics. Demonstrations are emerging to apply this to spintronics.

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  • Magnetism in FET proactive consultation


    Ideas for spintronics and magnetism posted

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  • ESM to travel in Europe


    Our wish is that the European school on magnetism takes place in various European countries in the future. To reach this goal, ESM receives a new committee, the steering committee.

    The steering committee is a small group of persons willing to dedicate some of their time to maintain the School on tracks. It is responsible for key actions, among which seeking suitable hosting places.

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  • JEMS committee meeting


    Minutes of the meeting of the International Advisory Committee of JEMS, in July 2015

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  • Selection of students for ESM2015


    Request for participation at ESM2015 is now closed. The result of the selection process will be announced on May15th.

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  • Web site for JEMS2016 opens


    Visit the web site or download the flyer for JEMS2016

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