Senior Engineer, Process Development - Magnetic Sensors

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2022-06-24 | Term contract

Lab/Company : Analog Devices

Location : Limerick, Ireland

Yearly income : Negotiable


Expiration : 2022-10-31 [YYYY-MM-DD]

Description of the offer :

This role involves development of fabrication processes for cutting edge magnetic sensor and products for use in industrial, automotive, medical and consumer applications. The successful candidate will be a part of the technology development team in charge of getting the project from a concept to release into high volume fabrication. This is an opportunity to develop process integration and troubleshooting skills, as well as layout and characterization skills, while working as part of a dynamic team of enthusiastic people with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Relevant areas of expertise:
-work in clean room environment on range of wafer-level processing tools (photolithography, etch, inspection, etc…),
-wafer-level device process integration experience,
-process control experience,
-magnetic materials and systems development and characterization,
-magnetic field sensor development and characterization.

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