Highlights of 2017, important events in 2018

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EMA highlights of 2017: ESM to be held (almost) every year, EMA and the CMD of the European Physical Society join forces, EMA is on LinkedIn. Important events in 2018: Joint EPS/DPG meeting, JEMS, ESM.

Dear colleagues,

please find below an editorial of our latest newsletter, closing 2017 and opening 2018.

Several decisions were taken in 2017, which further strengthen our action for the magnetism community, in Europe and beyond.

First, based on the rising pressure for attending the European School on Magnetism - ESM (2/3 of the applicants had to be turned down), we decided that ESM would be organized every year from now on, except when the IEEE Magnetic Summer School visits Europe. This scheme matches the one already existing for the Joint European Magnetic Symposia, ensuring that one major event, conference and school, is available for the European community every year. This increase in frequency is made possible thanks to a change of paradigm: local organizers/conference chairs will host the School in turn in various European places, thereby releasing the manpower pressure from the core organizers.

Second, EMA and the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society decided to join their efforts for the promotion and coordination of magnetism activities in Europe.

Third, we opened a LinkedIn page for EMA, ensuring the immediate dissemination of information, which is especially valuable for job offers.

In 2017 we added to our webpage (magnetism.eu) about 30 links, 70 new events (80 in 2016), and 130 job offers (60 in 2016) in the field of magnetism. These were promoted in the regular newsletter and more recently also on our Linked profile.

2018 will be rich in events: The joint EPS/DPG meeting with involvement of EMA (March, in Berlin), JEMS (September, in Mainz), ESM (September also, in Krakow). Beyond these, we wish you an exciting year and all possible achievements for the coming year.

Michal Stano, scientific secretary,

Olivier Fruchart, on behalf of the European Magnetism Association (EMA).

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