Scientific program


Motivating the School (2h)

I. Basic concepts (4h)

II. Exchange interactions and magnetic ordering (7h)

III. Coupling with the lattice (3h)

IV. Temperature effects (4h)

V. Strongly correlated electron systems (7h)

VI. Transport (5h)

VII. Magnetization processes (7h)

Workshops (2h30 each)

Two 'workshops' will be organized, on topics relevant to several lectures. Their purpose is to bring an overview of these topics. Beside formal presentations, both workshops will leave space for discussion, in the form of a roundtable.

General interest conferences

Tutorials (optional, 2-4h each)

Several tutorials will be organized to practice the use of numerical or analytical techniques, related to topics covered by the lectures. Computers will be provided on-site and readily setup for the tutorials.

Question-Answer sessions (5-10h)

The purpose of a research School is to provide young scientists the basics in a working field. With this respect interactivity between students and lecturers should be promoted. Like in the previous editions and especially in 2007, a key aspect of this interactivity will be the possibility to raise questions at the end as well as during the course of the lectures. Besides, several sessions of questions will take place, during which the lecturers or voluntary students will present in more detail issues raised by the students during the lectures or anonymously through a question-box. Go to the questions raised in 2009.


We encourage participants to bring posters to present their work. Posters may be hanged throughout the entire school, to be visited mainly during coffee breaks. The size of the posters is 70cm wide x 1m high. Early in the time schedule oral sessions have been scheduled for quick presentations of the participants as an introduction to their poster (two slides max). Please have such slides prepared in an electronic format!