The list of topics is tentative and liable to modifications. The lecturers mentioned below are those having accepted to lecture at the School so far. Extended abstracts will be available to download, a few weeks before the School starts. Slides of the lectures will be made available on a regular basis during the School. A daily timetable as well as program booklet will also be available.

Introduction to the School (1h)

I. Basic concepts (4h30)

II. Magnetism in matter (4h30)

III. Thermal effects and magnetization processes (4h30)

IV. Transport (6h)

V. General tools (4h30)

VI. Spin-orbit-related effects (3h)

VII. Spin currents (4h30)

VIII. Interaction with various stimuli (4h30)

IX. Industry perspectives (3h)

A few contributions are scheduled from industrials. They will cover science and technology, market and applications, and daily life in a company.

Practical (2-4h each)

Several practicals will be organized to practice the use of numerical or analytical techniques, related to topics covered by the lectures. Computers will be provided on-site and readily setup for the practicals. Each practical is typically 2-4h. Attendees will be asked on-site for their wishes to attend such or such practicals, however it is not possible to attend all tutorials. The list of practicals will be updated on a regular basis. Below is a tentative and starting list.


A library consisting of a large set of books dedicated to various aspects of Magnetism is on display during the entire School. Its purpose is first to get students aware of the existing books, get acquainted with their use, and also serve as a support for activities during the School. See the list of books on display at ESM2013.

Question-Answer sessions (5-10h)

The purpose of a research School is to provide young scientists with the basics in a working field. With this respect interactivity between students and lecturers should be promoted. Like in the previous editions, a key aspect of this interactivity is the possibility to raise questions at the end as well as during the course of the lectures. Besides, several sessions of questions take place, during which the lecturers or voluntary students present in more detail issues raised by the students during the lectures or anonymously through a question-box. See the questions raised in 2013.


We encourage participants to bring posters to present their work. Students are asked to present their poster in a one-slide-two-minutes presentation as an exercice to summarize their work.