Postdoctoral fellowship in magnetic nanocomposites for environmental applications

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2023-01-22 | Post-doc

Lab/Company : Uppsala University

Location : Uppsala, Sweden

Yearly income : 324 000 SEK (tax-free)


File : See details

Expiration : 2023-02-28 [YYYY-MM-DD]

Description of the offer :

The project will focus on the synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanocomposites and investigation of their potential as nano-adsorbents for heavy metal ion removal from water. The materials of interest are nanocomposites based on perovskite and spinel oxides. The candidate will synthesize the nanocomposites using solution-based synthesis techniques and characterize them using basic and advanced tools. S/he will test their applicability for practical purposes through adsorption and magnetic separation tests.

The work will be performed at the Solid State Physics Division, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Uppsala University, in collaboration with University of Genova, Italy (Prof. Davide Peddis). The position will, therefore, necessarily involve regular travels between Uppsala and Genova, Italy.

For more details, please see here https://www.materialvetenskap.uu.se/digitalAssets/837/c_837518-l_1-k_magnetic-nanocomposites-for-environmental-applications.pdf

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