Post-doc: Ultrafast All-Optical Magnetic Recording

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Location : Bialystok, Poland

Yearly income : 2 030 Euros net/month


Description of the offer :

The goal of the project is to research and employ “cold ultrafast photo-magnetism” in order to achieve the fastest possible as well as least dissipative magnetic recording in an innovative technology. At the same time the project will develop a novel approach to ultrafast spintronics by bringing together the three areas of ultrafast magnetism, coherent nonlinear optics and electronics.

Profile of candidates/requirements:
1. PhD in Physics obtained in 2014 or later.
2. Experience in physics of magnetism and/or ultrafast optics.
3. High motivation and enthusiasm for experimental research.
4. Good English skills

Required documents:
1. Cover letter
2. CV
3. copy of the PhD diploma
4. list of scientific publications and conference contributions
5. recommendation letter from senior scientists

Please submit the following documents to: team@uwb.edu.pl

Further information: http://physics.uwb.edu.pl/wf/team/

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