Postdoc: Low temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy

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Location : Cologne, Germany

Yearly income : According to German E13 TV-L scale


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Description of the offer :

Within the Collaborative Research Center 1238 “Control and Dynamics of Quantum Matter” the candidate will work in the project B06 “Tunneling Spectroscopy”, which is dedicated to unravel the electronic and magnetic structure of surfaces placing emphasis on spin-orbit coupling phenomena. The tasks of the postdoc are (i) to construct and investigate systems with complex spin structures and (ii) to analyze the properties of low dimensional materials and their hybrids. The postdoc will work in a team that has a particular expertise for the in situ fabrication of high quality hybrid materials based on 2D layers, which provides the basis for the local spectroscopic research. While several UHV STM systems (variable temperature and 5 K bath cryostat) with synthesis capabilities are at hand, it will be a key responsibility of the candidate to explore the full potential of a new 300 mK vector field STM system with extended preparation facilities. Technically skillful applicants must have profound experience in low temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy, preferably also in its spin-polarized variant, and a sound background in surface physics.

For further information see the attached PDF.

Application are to be sent to Prof. Dr. Thomas Michely: michely@ph2.uni-koeln.de

Include the usual documents (CV, cover letter, references, ...). Deadline 15th September, 2017.

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