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  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Oxyborate compounds for new multifunctionnal materials

    Saclay, France

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :The project steps outside the boundaries of the transition metal oxide compounds, mostly studied up to now, to investigate oxyborates with the ludwigite structure M3+(M2+)2O2BO3 (M is a transition element, divalent or trivalent). It associates mixed valence (di- and tri-valent ions) with a low dimensional network of transition metal atoms. The aim of the project is to characterize in details compounds belonging to this system, to identify new multiferroics/magnetoelectrics. Giant magnetoelectric effects have [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Magnetic textures for probing nano-functionalized magnetic molecules

    Dresden, Germany

    Yearly income : 23.000 - 26.000 €

    Description of the offer :The Institute of Metallic Materials at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW Dresden) offers a PhD position embedded in the IFW Excellence Program “Magnetic textures for probing of nano-scale dynamics”, starting in May 2018. Potential Candidates should hold a Masters or Diploma degree in Physics or Materials Science and should have proven experimental skills and a good background in Magnetic textures. The employment contract is limited to 12 months with the possibility of [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Manipulation of magnetic skyrmions for logic application

    Grenoble, France

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Magnetic skyrmions are chiral spin structures with a whirling spin configuration. Their topological properties, nanometer scale and their possible manipulation by electrical current have opened a path for skyrmion based memory and logic devices combining high density and low power operations. The aim of this post-doc will be to study the skyrmion-skyrmion interaction and to engineer skyrmion logic gates with the objective of demonstrating the proof of concept of logic operations based on skyrmions. The post-doc [...]
  • Other


    PhD/Post-Doc: Magnetic nanostructures and 3D printing of magnets

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :A PhD/Post-Doctoral scholarship position is available for recently funded TUBITAK project (in collaboration with Sabancı University). The position is for three years, starting immediately. Selected candidate will work on magnetic nanostructures and 3D printing of magnets. Skills and Qualifications: • Strong background on magnetism and M.S./PhD degree in physics, materials science or related disciplines • Hands on laboratory skills to carry out experiments routinely • Experience on synthesis and [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Electric field control of magnetic domain wall propagation in [...]

    Palaiseau, France

    Yearly income : +32000 euros

    Description of the offer :Post-doc position, up to 18 months with possible extension, is currently open at CNRS / Ecole Polytechnique (France) on project funded by French ANR ELECSPIN (partners: SPINTEC, C2N and Néel Institute). The project targets the use of an electric-field to control / assist magnetization reversal in nanostructures. We look for a young scientist, holding his/her PhD since less than 2 years, to study the influence of applying an electric field on magnetic domain wall (MDW) propagation of perpendicularly magnetized [...]
  • Post-doc


    PostDoc: Topological materials (synthesis & magnetotransport)

    Cologne, Germany

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :The laboratory of Prof. Yoichi Ando at the Physics Institute II, University of Cologne, is seeking to hire a postdoc to work on the syntheses and characterizations of topological materials. The successful candidate will not only grow high-quality single crystals of topological insulators and superconductors to pursue their novel physics through magnetotransport measurements, but also search for new topological materials. The contract will be initially for 3 years, and depending on the individuals, an extension of [...]
  • PhD


    PhD Position in Spintronics (2x)

    Mainz, Germany

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :We are pleased to announce the opening of two PhD positions in theoretical condensed matter in the Institute of Physics at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz to work with the spintronics theory groups INSPIRE (Jairo Sinova) and TWIST (Karin Everschor-Sitte) on topics such as antiferromagnetic spintronics, skyrmions, and topological matter. The physics institute and the Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center (SPICE) provides a stimulating environment due to an active workshop program and a broad range of [...]
  • PhD


    PhD/Postdoc: Magnetic coupling in hetero- and nanostructures

    Linz, Austria

    Yearly income : 28994 €

    Description of the offer :PhD 30 hours/week for 3 years / Post-Doc 40 hours/week for 2 years You will work within a research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund to study static and dynamic magnetic coupling in hetero- and nanostructures using classical magnetometry, magnetic resonance, and synchrotron methods. Your duties include sample fabrication, in particular using electron beam lithography, conduct experiments including synchrotron beamtimes, data analysis, and written and oral presentations of the physical results. You hold [...]
  • PhD


    Several PhD +Postdoc positions in spintronics/magnetism

    Kaiserslautern / Mainz, Germany

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Within our newly established Collaborative Research Center "Spin+X" we have several PhD and postdoc positions in Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science and Engineering. The research will focus on magnetism and spintronics. List of open positions: Spin-orbit effects (experiment / numerical simulations) (Ph.D. position) Experimental ultra-efficient spin manipulation (Ph.D. position) Numerical simulations of spin current properties (Ph.D. position) Antiferromagnetic spintronics (Ph.D. position) Ultrafast [...]
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