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  • Post-doc


    Post-doctoral positions in spintronics on magnetic skyrmions at Spintec

    Grenoble, France

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Spintec (Grenoble, France) proposes several experimental post-doctoral positions on magnetic skyrmions and their manipulation with the objective of pushing forward fundamental knowledge in view of technological applications for memory and logics. The aims will be to develop novel and unexplored material systems to achieve nm scale skyrmions stable at room temperature and allow their fast and reliable current induced skyrmion manipulation, to develop ultra-high sensitivity and spatial resolution metrology [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Condensed matter spectroscopy with THz radiation in high magnetic [...]

    Nijmegen, Netherlands

    Yearly income : 40.000 euro brutto

    Description of the offer :We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and competent postdoc to strengthen the FELIX / HFML research team that exploits the world-wide unique combination of the very strong DC magnetic fields (up to 33 T) available at the High Field Magnet Laboratory and the very bright THz and IR FEL-based radiation sources of the FELIX laboratory for cutting-edge experiments in condensed matter. The focus of research will be on nonlinear spectroscopy and dynamics in magnetic and strongly correlated electron systems and [...]
  • Indefinite contract


    Associate Professor/Professor in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

    Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :The Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT) at the University of Alabama invites applications for one senior faculty position with a specialization in the fields of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. The MINT Center is an interdisciplinary organization for materials research for information technology. Approximately 40 faculty members from the departments of physics, chemistry, metallurgical and materials engineering, chemical and biological engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Magnetism, low temperatures, hyperthermia (up to 3 positions)

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Yearly income : 18 - 28 kEUR, negotiable

    Description of the offer :We are looking for a highly motivated colleague to complete our project team (ERC TSuNAMI: http://tsunamierc.wordpress.com/). Our lab is situated in the campus of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague and runs large portfolio of cryomagnetic devices (www.mgml.eu). Ph.D. in condensed matter physics, material physics, physical chemistry/chemical physics or related area is required. Experience with low-temperature/high MF devices or high-frequency MF is required, expertise in [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Magnetization switching by STT in nm-scale magnetic tunnel junction [...]

    New York, United States

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Applications are invited for a post-doctoral position in the group of Prof. Kent in the Center for Quantum Phenomena in the Physics Department of New York University in a position sponsored by Spin-Transfer Technologies (www.spintransfer.com). The research will focus on the study of magnetization switching by spin-transfer torques in nanometer scale magnetic tunnel junction devices. The research goal is to characterize, model, optimize and understand the ns-time scale switching characteristics of such devices. [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Optical detection of magnetization dynamics induced by spin-orbit torques

    Exeter, United Kingdom

    Yearly income : £14296

    Description of the offer :The injection of electrical current into multilayered magnetic materials can generate spin-orbit torques (SOTs) capable of modifying the magnetic state. The use of SOTs provides new opportunities for writing data in magnetic random access memory (MRAM), exciting precession in spin transfer oscillators (STOs), and driving magnetic objects such as domain walls, vortices and skyrmions. However, the contribution made by different underlying microscopic mechanisms, such as the spin Hall and Rashba effects, to the [...]
  • PhD


    PhD/Postdoc: Magnetic coupling in hetero- and nanostructures

    Linz, Austria

    Yearly income : 28994 €

    Description of the offer :PhD 30 hours/week for 3 years / Post-Doc 40 hours/week for 2 years You will work within a research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund to study static and dynamic magnetic coupling in hetero- and nanostructures using classical magnetometry, magnetic resonance, and synchrotron methods. Your duties include sample fabrication, in particular using electron beam lithography, conduct experiments including synchrotron beamtimes, data analysis, and written and oral presentations of the physical results. You hold [...]
  • Other


    PhD/Postdoc: Theory of Quantum Optomagnonics

    Delft, Netherlands

    Yearly income : Depending on experience according to Dutch regulations

    Description of the offer :About the position We have a vacancy for a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow at the Kavli Institute of NanoScience., to carry out theoretical research in quantum optomagnonics under joint supervision of Gerrit Bauer and Yaroslav Blanter. The successful candidate will be employed by NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) and embedded in the Department of Quantum Nanoscience at Delft University of Technology (4 years contract for Ph.D./~3 years contract for a postdoc). Regular visits to Bauer's [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Multiferroic stacks for fast, low-energy switching

    Dublin, Ireland

    Yearly income : €39k - 48k

    Description of the offer :A post-doc (two-year position) with experience in thin-film magnetic/ferroelectric device physics or ultra-fast magneto-optics is needed to work on exciting project associating the AMBER centre at Trinity College Dublin, with the TANMS Centre at UCLA/UCBerkley. The aim is to achieve picosecond-timescale magnetization reversal in synthetic multiferroic thin-film stacks that incorporate a zero-moment half metal with resonance in the sub-terahertz range. The postdoc will work in in a lively and eclectic research [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Magnetic (X-ray) Spectroscopy

    Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :We are seeking an enthusiastic postdoc to join the Magnetic Spectroscopy Group at the Diamond Light Source (UK). The group has a long-standing international reputation and is involved in experimental scientific programs at Diamond as well as elsewhere. X-ray magnetic circular and linear dichroism using polarized soft x-rays have become powerful element-specific probes to measure the spin and orbital magnetic moments of magnetic materials, such as for technological applications in spintronics. Among the new [...]
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