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  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Magnetic Nanoparticles

    Santander, Spain

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :The Group of Magnetic Materials at Universidad de Cantabria seeks a qualified EU-­‐candidate for a postdoctoral position. The main focus of the research project is to characterise magnetic nanoparticles of intermetallic rare earths and Fe-­‐oxides. The post-­‐doctoral fellowship will be running for 3 months (and a possible 3 month extension). Gross salary: around 2389 euros/month. It will be located at the Dept. CITIMAC (Universidad Cantabria). The recruitment process will be finished as soon as possible. The [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc and Scientific Coordinator [spintronics, unconventional computing and [...]

    Mainz, Germany

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Immediate opening of a position within the framework of the Emergent AI Center in the TWIST group of Dr. Karin Everschor-Sitte at the Institute of Physics at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. The interdisciplinary research center, funded by the Carl-Zeiss foundation, investigates the topic of Algorithmic Intelligence as an Emergent Phenomenon. The selected applicant will conduct frontier reseach at the interface of spintronics, unconventional computing and artificial intelligence.
  • Indefinite contract


    Engineer (2x): Application of Ion Beams for Engineering Spintronic Materials

    Palaiseau, France

    Yearly income : 30-40 k€ gross salary depending on experience

    Description of the offer :SPIN-ION technologies (www.spin-ion.com), a spin-off company from the University of Paris-Saclay/CNRS, provides a full suite of ion beam processes and equipment to tailor the structural and magnetic properties of thin magnetic films at the atomic level and improve their performance for applications such as Magnetic Random Access Memories (MRAM). In order to sustain its R&D roadmap development toward the commercialization of its solutions on the MRAM market, Spin-Ion Technologies offers 2 permanent engineer [...]
  • PhD


    PhD Scholarship in Magnetic and Electronic Properties of 2D and 3D Magnetic [...]

    Melbourne , Australia

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :opological materials, such as topological insulators and topological Dirac semimetals, are a new class of matter that possess new and exciting electronic properties. Allowing a wide range of new physics to be explored and have the potential to create revolutionary new electronic devices that have the potential to transport charge through one-dimensional edge modes without dissipation. Our group has made a number of breakthrough discoveries in this area, including the first experimental observation of an [...]
  • PhD


    14 PhD positions in Cold Opto-Magnetism for Random Access Devices (COMRAD ITN)

    NL, DE, PL, FR, IT, ES, UK, Netherlands

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN programme “Cold Opto-Magnetism for Random Access Devices” (COMRAD) opens 14 positions for PhD students (Early Stage Researchers) in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. The ambition of COMRAD is to discover and explore novel routes for the fastest possible as well as least dissipative control of magnetism leading to the ‘greenest’ memory devices. COMRAD combines partners from industry, universities and research centres working on magnetic thin film [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Highly sensitive magnetoresistive sensors for 2D and 3D detection of [...]

    Daegu, Republic of Korea

    Yearly income : By negotiation

    Description of the offer :A successful candidate will perform an experimental work, aimed at performance improvement of magnetoresistive sensors by designing new architectures (including geometry and connection schemes) and modification of the active layer material composition. The candidate should have a PhD degree in physics or materials science. Expected qualification: ○ Convenient background in solid state physics and the physics of magnetism, sufficient for successful design of experimental work, processing of magnetic measurement [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Nuclear magnetic resonance investigations on paramagnetic relaxation [...]

    Grenoble, France

    Yearly income : 21 k€

    Description of the offer :The Grenoble site of the French National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Laboratoire Nationale des Champs Magnetiques Intenses, LNCMI) operates a high magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facility up to 36 T that is used for in-house research and open for external users. The NMR team at LNCMI in collaboration with research groups at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany) started a research and development activity on paramagnetic relaxation enhancement (PRE) of NMR relaxivities with [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Terahertz and Optical Spintronics

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Yearly income :

    Description of the offer :We are seeking a skillful post-doctoral researcher to join our group dedicated to optical and terahertz investigation of novel spintronic materials. The group is located at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic and is supervised by Prof. Petr Němec (nemec@karlov.mff.cuni.cz). The whole research is performed in a close collaboration with the group of prof. Tomáš Jungwirth from Institute of Physics, AS CR. The full-time one-year position starts in January 2021; prolongation [...]
  • PhD


    PhD: Spintronic neuromorphic computing

    Aarhus N, Denmark

    Yearly income : https://phd.arts.au.dk/financing/salary-and-employment

    Description of the offer : Research area and project description (For application please check the following link: https://phd.tech.au.dk/for-applicants/apply-here/ Artificial neural networks are already having a very tangible effect in society. Despite the impressive progress in software, hardware is lagging behind by a decade or even more as it is not customized for implementation of such neural networks. Implementation of advanced neural network algorithms on general-purpose CPUs and GPUs is not energy-efficient. This can be overcome [...]
  • Post-doc


    Postdoc: Growth and study of magnetic Heusler nanowires

    Campinas, Brazil

    Yearly income : 7,343.10 Reais

    Description of the offer :One post-doctoral position is available within the scope of a research project based at the Condensed Matter Physics Department, Gleb Watahin Institute of Physics, UNICAMP-University of Campinas (state of São Paulo, Brazil). The selected candidate will join a project whose main objectives are the growth and study of a special class of nanowires (Heusler with transition metals), fabricated using the novel technique called metallic-flux nanonucleation (MFNN). Heusler compounds are among the most interesting [...]
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