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Tags are the following: Conference for a large-scale event mainly devoted to magnetism; Workshop for a smaller-scale or less-formal event; Symposium for a magnetism-dedicated session in an other larger-topic event; School for a mainly education-oriented event; Exhibition for fairs etc.

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  • School


    - The European School on Magnetism

    Krakow, Poland

    17-28 Sep2018
  • Conference

    Thermag VIII

    - International Conference on Caloric Cooling

    Darmstadt, Germany

    16-20 Sep2018
  • School
    16-21 Sep2018
  • Workshop

    Advances in Brillouin Light Scattering

    - Spin waves, Spintronic and magnonic devices, Spin-orbitronics, and other topics

    Perugia, Italy

    12-14 Sep2018
  • Workshop

    OIPE 2018

    - International Workshop on Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism

    Innsbruck, Austria

    11-13 Sep2018
  • Conference


    - The Joint European Magnetic Symposia

    Mainz, Germany

    03-07 Sep2018
  • Conference


    - The 16th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    01-05 Sep2018
  • Conference

    REPM 2018

    - The 25th International Workshop on Rare-Earth and Future Permanent Magnets and Their Applications

    Beijing, China

    26-30 Aug2018
  • School and conference


    - 10th International School and Conference on Physics and Applications of Spin Phenomena in Solids

    Linz, Austria

    05-09 Aug2018
  • Conference

    SPSTM-7 & LTSPM-1

    - Spin-Polarized STM, Low Temperature SPM (individual magnetic atoms, surface magnetism, strongly correlated materials)

    Nijmegen, Netherlands

    28-30 Jul2018
  • Conference


    - 23rd International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces

    Santa Cruz, CA, USA

    23-27 Jul2018
  • Conference


    - 21st International Conference on Magnetism

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    16-20 Jul2018
  • Conference

    HFM 2018

    - 9th International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism

    Davis, California

    09-14 Jul2018
  • Conference

    EMSA 2018

    - 12th European Magnetic Sensors and Actuators Conference

    Athens, Greece

    01-04 Jul2018
  • Conference


    - IEEE International Conference on Microwave Magnetics 2018

    Exeter, UK

    24-27 Jun2018
  • Workshop

    Spin Caloritronics IX

    Columbus, Ohio, USA

    24-29 Jun2018
  • Conference

    Sol-SkyMag 2018

    - Conference on Nanomagnetism and Spintronics (Solitons and Skyrmion Magnetism)

    San Sebastian, Spain

    18-22 Jun2018
  • Symposium

    symposium C @ E-MRS 2018 spring meeting

    - Substitution and recycling of critical raw materials in optoelectronic, magnetic and energy devices

    Strasbourg, France

    18-22 Jun2018
  • Conference

    WMM 2018

    - 8th International Conference on Magnetism and Metallurgy

    Dresden, Germany

    12-14 Jun2018
  • Conference

    IcAUMS 2018

    - 5th International Conference of Asian Union of Magnetics Societies

    Jeju, Republic of Korea

    03-07 Jun2018
  • School

    2018 IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School

    - Application deadline: 11th December, 2017

    Quito, Ecuador

    03-08 Jun2018
  • Symposium

    Spin Waves 2018

    - International Symposium Spin Waves 2018

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    03-08 Jun2018
  • Workshop

    Spin Cavitronics 2018 - SPICE-Workshop

    - Ferromagnets in cavities

    Mainz, Germany

    15-18 May2018
  • Conference


    - 6th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism

    Ölüdeniz, Turkey

    29 Apr-04 May2018
  • Conference

    Intermag 2018

    - IEEE International Magnetics Conference 2018

    Singapore, Singapore

    23-27 Apr2018
  • Symposium

    XXIII Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics

    - Magnetism and Spintronics sessions

    Bariloche, Argentina

    10-13 Apr2018
  • Symposium

    EMF 2018

    - 11th International Symposium on Electric and Magnetic Fields

    Darmstadt, Germany

    10-12 Apr2018
  • Conference

    Magnetism 2018

    - UK and Rol conference welcoming international and industry participation

    Manchester, UK

    09-10 Apr2018
  • Symposium

    Joint DPG-EPS Spring Meeting 2018

    - Several magnetic sessions (Magnetism in Materials Science, Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys, Magneto-ionic Meet Memristive Systems), tutorials (Spin-Orbit Coupling, Ferroics and Skyrmions), ...


    11-16 Mar2018
  • Workshop
    11 Mar2018
  • Workshop

    Spin Mechanics 5

    - jointly with NanoMRI-6

    Les Houches, France

    11-16 Feb2018
  • Conference


    - Magnetic Resonance Imaging at the nanoscale (jointly with Spin Mechanics 5)

    Les Houches, France

    11-16 Feb2018
  • Conference


    - 2nd IEEE Conference on Advances in Magnetics

    La Thuile, Italy

    04-07 Feb2018
  • Workshop

    Complexity and disorder -

    - Magnetism session 16 Jan

    University Paris Diderot, France

    15-16 Jan2018
  • Conference

    MORIS 2018

    - Magnetics and Optics Research International Symposium 2018

    New York, USA

    07-10 Jan2018
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