Books & Media

Books and Media

List of media and recent books related to magnetism. This list does not reflect an editorial choice of the European Magnetism Association.


Spin Wave Confinement: Propagating Waves (2nd ed.) S. O. Demokritov (ed.) 2017
Graphene in Spintronics: Fundamentals and Applications J. Inoue, A. Yamakage, S. Honda 2017
Principles of Nanomagnetism (2nd ed.)
A. P. Guimarães 2017
Magnetism in Carbon Nanostructures F. Hagelberg 2017
Next Generation Spin Torque Memories B. K. Kaushik, S. Verma, A. A. Kulkarni, S. Prajapati 2017
Magnetism Theory Appendices
(vol. 3 of Handbook of Magnetostriction and Magnetostrictive Materials)
A. del Moral 2017
Atomistic Spin Dynamics: Foundations and Applications O. Eriksson, A. Bergman, L. Bergqvist, and J. Hellsvik 2017
High Performance Soft Magnetic Materials A. Zhukov (ed.) 2017
Introduction to Magnetic Random-Access Memory B. Dieny, R.B. Goldfarb, K.-J. Lee 2017
Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials K.M. Krishnan 2016
Magnetic Structures of 2D and 3D Nanoparticles: Properties and Applications J.-C. S. Levy (ed.) 2016
Novel Functional Magnetic Materials, Fundamentals and Applications A. Zhukov (ed.) 2016
Skyrmions: Topological Structures, Properties, and Applications J. Ping Liu, Zhidong Zhang, Guoping Zhao (eds.) 2016
Spintronics-based Computing W. Zhao and G. Prenat (eds.) 2015
Magnetic sensors based on thin magnetically soft wires with tuneable magnetic properties and its applications A. Zhukov and V. Zhukova 2014
Theory of Magnetism - Application to Surface Physics Hung T. Diep 2014
Feynman lectures on-line (including chapter 37: magnetic materials) R. Feynman 1963 - 2013


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